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About Us

When you meet Mike Berry, founder of Those Guys®, it doesn’t take long to figure out two essential things about him. He loves and lives the idea of the American Dream, where a guy with learning challenges and a colorful background can have a shot at success.

And he is full of passion, the kind of passion that pulls others along “for the ride.”

Mike has a gift – the unique ability to identify with the generations of guys (and gals) who work hard and play harder…and who are willing to poke fun at themselves while they pursue their own American Dream.

That’s why he created the Those Guys® brand.  

Who are Those Guys®? They’re all of us. They are the weekend warriors -- the athletes, campers, sports fans, fishermen, hunters, race enthusiasts, golfers and everyone who wears their passion like an identity…or a tee shirt!

mike-laz-banner-color.jpgWhen Mike met Laz Ruiz, a creative and talented artist, the Those Guys® T-Shirt brand went from a crazy idea to a reality. An imaginative guy himself, Laz magically turns every idea into eye-catching, humorous illustrations that speak to all of us in that way that says “I know one of Those Guys®!”

Those Guys® T-shirts & Apparel – Show you are “One of Those Guys®”!  


Who are the guys behind the T-Shirts that capture the moments which make us the happiest?

Mike Berry, Founder, Those Guys®

Mike Berry is “the guy next door.” You probably know him already, the guy who makes you laugh and makes you think – a guy all of us can relate to. A self-made entrepreneur and owner of several successful businesses, Mike is full of energy and bursting with ideas. The phrase "those guys" has always appealed to Mike – it's a uniquely American expression that we all use. He has been developing the idea for the “Those Guys®” brand since 2007, looking for just the right way to share this concept with the people it represents.

Backed by the creative artwork of Laz Ruiz and the unwavering support of his wife, Patti, Mike plans on building the Those Guys® T-Shirt and Apparel brand into one we can share with all the important people in our lives…the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers and husbands and wives who are happiest just being One of Those Guys®.

Look for Mike and his team to expand the Those Guys® brand into fun and exciting new markets and product lines!


Lazaro Ruiz, Illustrator and Designer

Lazaro Ruiz came to the United States in 1980. With a vivid imagination and a passion for art, he built a successful career working collaboratively and independently on numerous endeavors. Lazaro has created illustrations and distinctive designs for prominent organizations such as Hard Rock Café, the NFL, Sea World, Harley Davidson and Disney. You’ve seen his work on everything from comic books and magazines to logo designs and clothing. Lazaro currently lives in Central Florida with his two daughters and lovely wife.


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